Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beshear's hack admits Kynect is busted

Buried deep in a Washington Post "Fact Checker" column today about Sen. Mitch McConnell's latest ObamaCare gaffe was an extraordinary admission by a top Beshear administration official about the foregone conclusion of failure of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange.

The Post wrote about the exchange that Kentucky Health and Family Services Cabinet press secretary Gwenda Bond "said the state is considering an assessment on insurers to provide long-term funding after 2014."

This is not true because "the state" has already soundly rejected any such thing. The fact that Beshear is saying publicly through his people that no such funding exists is substantial, though.

Beshear already tried to create this new insurance tax with an executive order last year that was illegal when he wrote it in violation of KRS 12.028(5) and which expires anyway on July 15, 2014 per the same statute. House Bill 505 this year attempted to ratify the executive order and create the tax, but it died in the House Health and Welfare Committee.

Unless Gov. Beshear is going to call an ObamaCare tax special session of the legislature, which wouldn't work anyway, there is no chance he gets his ObamaCare tax pushed through before federal dollars run out at the end of 2014. Realistically, there is also no chance he gets it pushed through any other time either, but that's another story. The legislature's nearly unanimous defunding of anything directly or indirectly related to the exchange proves it.

Beshear really needs to face facts and start to implement an orderly dismantling of Kentucky ObamaCare.