Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sam Youngman sells his soul for ObamaCare

It started two weeks ago when a Marist poll for NBC News showed ObamaCare's unpopularity in Kentucky and the fact that ObamaCare is well-known, but Kynect, the Kentucky ObamaCare exchange, is not. Left-wing news sites joined the Louisville Courier Journal in attempting to spin the results to inflate the role labels have in public perception of the "Affordable Care Act" debacle.

And now Lexington Herald Leader political reporter Sam Youngman goes all in with this theme and ups the ante significantly. While even the Huffington Post proclaimed only that "Kentuckians Hate Kynect A Lot Less Than ObamaCare," which is true if you ascribe ignorance of the term to mean the same as having less animosity, Youngman wins the prize for distorting the poll results the most.

In a story today about the U.S. Senate candidates' struggles to capitalize on the ACA in Kentucky, Youngman writes the following:
While McConnell has sought to make the health care law a central part of his strategy to tie Grimes to Obama, who remains deeply unpopular in Kentucky, his campaign must also contend with polling that shows far more Kentuckians favor Kynect than "Obamacare."
An NBC News/Marist poll conducted earlier this month showed that 57 percent of registered Kentucky voters have an unfavorable view of "Obamacare" but only 22 percent held an unfavorable view of Kynect. Another 29 percent had a favorable opinion of Kynect, 29 percent had never heard of Kynect, and 21 percent were "unsure" how to rate the state program.

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The poll found 33 percent support for ObamaCare in Kentucky and 29 percent support for Kynect in Kentucky. Youngman has been thoroughly briefed about Kynect's legal troubles, but clearly prefers distorting poll numbers for an agenda to reporting truth.

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