Friday, May 16, 2014

Evolution of a fake Kentucky ObamaCare data point

Two months ago, Gov. Steve Beshear starting telling an unquestioning media that seventy five percent of ObamaCare sign-ups in the state did not previously have health coverage. This statistic was not credible then as a hard number, nor was it credible last month when it morphed into an estimate. Taking another step back, Beshear now characterizes this iffy data point as a "survey" result:

The Christian Science Monitor reports today "Surveys of enrollees show that 75 percent had no health insurance prior to kynect. And more than half of those signed up are under age 35 -- far above the national average for this crucial age bracket."

This is ridiculous. At the beginning of ObamaCare, Kentucky was one of only two states that was going to ask every enrollee to certify previous insured status. They never did it. When pressed, Beshear made up the seventy five percent statistic -- apparently thinking it sounded good. The fact that he has backed off this claim so quickly with apparently no one but this blog calling it into question and no one in the media seeming to notice should be a constant source of embarrassment to anyone who still considers what they peddle to be "news."

And the part about young people signing up for ObamaCare in Kentucky is total garbage too. They are counting Medicaid enrollees and children, not young adult "invincibles" buying health insurance, which is the meaningful statistic to give an indication of the death spiral already underway in American health insurance.