Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our nonexistent "sustainability plan"

The Obama administration wants Rhode Island to demonstrate they have the ability to maintain their state-run ObamaCare exchange after federal funds run out at the end of 2014. That should be interesting because there is a bipartisan effort to shut down the exchange there just as their Obamacrats are begging for even more money.

Kentucky should be forced to do such a sustainability plan because not only was our exchange created without legislative approval which -- by state law -- it must have to exist, no funding mechanism has been created and the legislature just refused for any other state funds to be used to run it.

Seriously, ObamaCare fans everywhere should notify the White House about the mess Gov. Steve Beshear is making in Kentucky. The story I read about the request of Rhode Island came after media reports of that state's ObamaCare problems. Kentucky's media isn't covering this, so the President may not know.