Thursday, May 01, 2014

Paducah Sun unmasks Beshear as blind Obamacrat

A Paducah Sun editorial today hearkens back to a discussion their board had with Gov. Steve Beshear before ObamaCare became law.

"Gov. Beshear, back at a time when he was candidate Beshear, told our editorial board he had "no idea where we would get the money" for Medicaid expansion if the Affordable Care Act was passed. He still doesn't."
That's a great point. The editorial unwittingly also perpetuates false information in claiming that Kentucky has no financial obligation for the Medicaid expansion until 2017. This is utterly false as we are even now spending state money administering expanded Medicaid without legislative approval. Fortunately for all of us, Kentucky's legislature defunded the optional parts of ObamaCare -- which includes the ObamaCare exchange and Medicaid expansion -- just last month.

Beshear's combination of ignorance and arrogance belongs in Washington D.C., not Kentucky. Thanks again to state Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer for breaking the silence over Kentucky's struggle to rein in our out of control state government executive.