Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Kentucky drops in behind Oregon, Massachusetts

In recent days, ObamaCare exchanges in Oregon and Massachusetts have bitten the dust. Kentucky should be next.

The media in Kentucky and those who have flown in from New York and Washington D.C. to report on ObamaCare here have done a terrible job reporting on the incompetence of those running the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, but that's beside the point now.

With the end of the Kentucky General Assembly session for 2014 and its refusal to give ObamaCare either the required legal authority to continue to exist or any of the funds necessary to operate in the coming biennium, the only thing delaying the official failure of Kentucky ObamaCare is continued disregard for state law by Gov. Beshear and continued misfeasance by the media.

Two lawsuits have been filed and await imminent action by the Kentucky Supreme Court. They are 13-SC-000652 and 13-SC-000667.