Thursday, March 12, 2009

Buzzing the Capitol with E-Health gimmick

I'm starting to think Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo's answer to any question is to force medical providers to post their records electronically. Unfortunately for us, President Barack Obama likes that plan. Or, at least, he wants to prop it up as an $80 billion a year downpayment on his universal healthcare system. (More about that here.)

Gov. Ernie Fletcher was skewered in the media when the plane he was flying in malfunctioned and scared the U.S. Capitol crowd gathered for Ronald Reagan's funeral. Mongiardo deserves at least as much grief for this:

Obama's plan to spend this promised $80 billion a year in illusory gains amounts to yet another tax increase we can't afford. Mongiardo may not be flying the plane, but he should have to give more substance than the current rhetoric before wasting more of our time and resources on his political ambitions.