Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Violence over government waste in Jersey?

As Kentuckians breath a sigh of relief from the quick death of a proposed secretive bureaucracy designed to "protect" us from government waste, New Jersey legislators are hyperventilating because they don't have one.

There is an ominous tone to this that is new:

The most panicked part of the story comes later with a Republican Assembly member predicting blood in the streets:

"The amount of pressure that's going to be put on you in leading this process is probably more than you've ever had in your life," Assemblyman Joseph R. Malone (R-Burlington) told Boxer. "The accountability and obligation -- that you have to ensure that these funds are properly being spent -- is going to be something that will be looked at every minute, every day for probably the rest of your career. I am very concerned that if we fail the people this time, there's going to be riots."

As the national Tea Party movement comes to Kentucky, small-government activists will have to be very sure not to give the big-government types an excuse to crack down on us.