Monday, March 02, 2009

What will Mitch do, this time?

The last time Sen. Mitch McConnell had a choice of who to help in a Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat representing Pennsylvania in 2004, he chose Sen. Arlen Specter over Congressman Pat Toomey. Specter won then and cast the deciding vote this year in favor of the Mother of All Bailouts.

Toomey is the President of the national Club for Growth and a very strong fiscal conservative.

Now it appears Toomey is gearing up for a 2010 run at Specter. At least that is what he suggested to a Pennsylvania talk radio audience this morning, saying a run was "back on the table." Toomey added:
“Senator Specter cast the deciding vote on the very worrisome stimulus bill, when he could have negotiated with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama for more productive tax cuts and less wasteful spending.”
Should Toomey file to run, it will be interesting to see who Mitch supports.