Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Teresa Isaac? Never heard of her"

The Lexington Herald Leader continues its efforts this morning to keep Lexington politicians' feet out of the fire in the ongoing inmate beating scandal at the Lexington jail.

In a story about the 2005 death of inmate Gerald Cornett, reporter Michelle Ku talked to the wrong Lexington mayor.

Mayor Jim Newberry's spokeswoman's silence is interesting given her boss' official efforts to silence jail whistleblower Cpl. John Vest, but he wasn't even in office when these events took place.

His opponent in the upcoming 2010 election was.

When the federal investigation of inmate abuse at the Fayette County Detention Center became publicly known, Mayor Isaac famously quipped:

"I've reviewed the same records they've reviewed, there's absolutely nothing in there that would amount to a civil rights violation and I've been a civil rights attorney for 25 years so I think I would know."

If we want to get closer to the truth, we should make the 2010 election between these two about who has handled the jail mess worse. That would be an interesting discussion.