Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who's the "mouthy drunk" now?

On October 20, 2000, Senate President David Williams called Governor Paul Patton a "mouthy drunk" after Patton quoted Williams saying "I want to build big roads. I want to build roads you can see from the moon." Further, the Associated Press said at the time Williams was telling voters in several Senate elections "to keep the Senate under Republican control to block Patton from reviving a gas-tax increase."

My, how times have changed.

Fresh off securing tax hikes last month on cigarettes and alcohol and performing a raid on the state employee health fund, Williams now apparently has a different view of the value of keeping the Senate in Republican hands. No word on what that is, though.

The Senate is expected to pass an increase in the gasoline tax tomorrow, just like Gov. Steve Beshear wants.

Here is another interesting Patton quote from the October 2000 story:

""David Williams' credibility is nonexistent," the governor said."
""He has deceived his own members. He has deceived me. He has deceived the people in his own district.... It is not honorable and our government cannot function
progressively as long as the Senate is led by an individual who won't do what he
says he'll do.""

At recent public appearances, Williams has been fueling speculation that he could be a candidate for U.S. Senate next year.