Saturday, March 07, 2009

David Williams gets fliered up

The 5th district GOP Lincoln dinner was fairly uneventful until after the program ended. One attendee came to the press table with a flier which had been placed on the windshield of every car in the parking lot.

The article contained copies of two Lexington Herald Leader stories about tax increases in which Senate President David Williams expressed his desire to raise taxes and his confidence that the Senate would play along, regardless of the state of economy.

The headline on the flier read "David Williams Not Only Voted to Raise Your Taxes, He Led the Effort."

That's when the fun started.

Williams stood at the front door showing the flier to people leaving the event and was heard explaining to several of them that this was evidence of Jim Bunning's "desperation."

It has been a month since Williams and the Senate went along with the tax increases and the $50 million raid on the public employee health fund. He can't possibly be surprised that this is being used against him.

If you are upset now, Senator Williams, this is going to be a very difficult year for you.