Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rocky Adkins: let me decide

Gov. Steve Beshear, as an outspoken advocate of expanding state government with the promise of casino revenues, supports putting the expanded gambling question on the ballot to merely "let the people decide."

So it was noteworthy recently in Paducah when Beshear said passing a nuclear energy bill wouldn't cause nuclear power plants to be built in Kentucky. He said passing the bill would only "allow us to begin to have the discussion" about nuclear energy.

House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins, like Beshear, favors more communication about casinos, but, unlike Beshear, he objects to having "the discussion" about nuclear energy.

What could possibly account for Adkins' unwillingness to have a simple conversation with his fellow Kentuckians?

Caleb Smith has the latest on the nuclear debate.