Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What will you add to Kentucky Tea Party?

The Kentucky Tea Party, presented by News Radio 630 WLAP, The Kentucky Club for Growth, The Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions and ConservativeEdge.com, will be this Saturday, March 21 at noon, at the Fayette County Courthouse.

Leland Conway, host of the Pulse of Lexington, 9am-Noon, M-F on News Radio 630 WLAP said:
“Washington, Frankfort, Lexington government…they are all completely out of touch with the common citizen. Americans know intuitively that government expansion and increased spending is not the answer to our economic problems. The only money that government has is money it has taken from productive citizens. Well, we citizens are not in the mood to have any more of our money taken from us and we’re going to send that message on Saturday.”

David Adams of the Bluegrass Institute said:
"You can't just wait around for Kentucky taxpayers to realize too late that years of overspending and over borrowing practices have destroyed the state. We need a smaller, more efficient government that gets out of the business of deciding winners and losers and sticks to the Constitution. And we need that now."

Andy Hightower, Executive Director of the Kentucky Club for Growth spoke about the event:
“The Pursuit of Happiness is no longer regarded by our leadership as an inalienable right; instead they think it’s provided by government subsidy. It’s time to remind folks in Washington and Frankfort that national success follows from individual success, not government direction.”

A special feature of the Kentucky Tea Party will an open mic opportunity to make your opinion heard. Selected speakers will be featured on WLAP radio.