Sunday, March 29, 2009

Conway not so hot on Mongiardo

Lieutenant Dan Goes to Washington?
By Leland Conway
So Lieutenant Dan (Lt. Governor, Dr. Daniel Mongiardo) wants to become the Jr. Senator from Kentucky? Let’s examine this proposal for a moment.

Lieutenant Dan was one of the first major Kentucky politicians to endorse President Obama who lost the state of Kentucky by a nearly 20 point margin in the presidential election. Contrary to left wing media fabrications, Obama did not lose Kentucky because we are racist, but because we were smart enough to recognize that the platform upon which Obama ran was dangerous to our economic future and contradictory to our system of values.

When Governor Steve Beshear endorsed Lieutenant Dan for Senate last week, he said that Mongiardo’s priorities "mirror the priorities being articulated by the Obama administration at this defining hour for our country." The implications of this statement are staggering.
First and foremost there is the economy. President Barack Obama’s economic policies, which include cap and trade will do nothing less than obliterate the Kentucky economy. Our state gets over 70% of its energy from coal. We’re not a very business friendly state, which the current governor has done nothing to fix, but one of the few advantages we still have over lower taxing neighbor states is cheap energy. Coal produced energy is also one of our largest exports. Many of the liberals from western states who condemn us for our use of “dirty coal”, actually enjoy the fruits of our labor.

President Obama plans to introduce cap and trade legislation to save the planet from mythical global warming. Actually, this is the largest wealth confiscation in global history. Obama is on the record as saying that “energy prices will skyrocket.” His Vice President Joe Biden has said, “There’s no such thing as clean coal” and “No more coal fired plants in America…build them in China if they want to build them.” What does this say about the Kentucky economy? Prepare to be laid waste to.

Another important issue to Kentuckians is values. Obama not only supported, but fought for legislation in the Illinois State House that would terminate the lives of babies who survived abortion procedures. Maybe that’s ok in Chicago, but In Kentucky we consider life to be pretty important. Religious arguments aside, Life is an American value. That’s why the founding fathers listed it first when they said we all had the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Kentuckians are also a member of that now infamous group that President Obama said “clings to our guns and our God…” As a member of this group, I am not ashamed. But Obama has displayed his antagonism toward gun owners clearly. While saying on the campaign trail that he favors the second amendment for “hunting purposes” he has also been a stalwart supporter of anti-gun legislation throughout his entire political career.

People in the main stream media are catching on to Barack Obama now. One Main Stream report pointed out that he has broken no less than fourteen major campaign promises in the two months since taking office.

These reports are wrong. He’s not breaking promises, he’s keeping them. Only the promises he’s keeping are the ones he made to his more radical left wing supporters long before he became known to the rest of America. What we are seeing now is the real character of the left wing extremist who we’ve elected to “change America.”

With that in mind, and given that Lieutenant Dan would “mirror the priorities being articulated by the Obama administration...” we must ask if it is possible then for him to truly mirror the priorities of his constituents?