Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yarmuth to burn Northup without carbon capture

The Yarmuth for Congress campaign will put out a news release this afternoon attacking Anne Northup for urging Congress to allow for expanded oil exploration to meet increased demand.

The focus of the attack is the Congressional Democratic talking point that oil companies aren't drilling all their leased land now, so we should instead fine them for the leases that aren't being used. Yarmuth supports doing this.

That would be great if finding oil was as easy as dreaming up ways to steal money through taxes and fines from people who work for it.

Make no mistake, the people who are fighting against expanding oil exploration in this country will be tickled pink when they destroy domestic oil exploration completely and we further increase gas prices and our dependency on foreign nations. Yarmuth won't do it, but it would be great if he thought through his words and deeds a little before flaming Northup.