Monday, June 16, 2008

Kentucky taxpayers have battered wife syndrome

The Bluegrass Institute today threw cold water in the face of the state's sleeping giant of an electorate and wonders how much more of a shock is required to create a constructive uprising.
"Kentucky's unaccountable education bureaucracy spends money with insufficient oversight and fixes it's own report card every year. Kentucky's politicians increase spending on themselves and borrow by the billions when your money runs out. Secrecy in Frankfort is so entrenched, the media watchdogs can't even be bothered to push for honesty and openness. "Needy" citizens have too little accountability for their bottomless bowls of entitlements. And "economic development" bureaucrats pick business winners and losers with money they take from those who they prefer to be on the losing end."

Isn't it just about time to hit back?