Friday, June 27, 2008

An autopsy on Frankfort's special session

The obvious point of contention in what remains of the HB 1 debate is Speaker Jody Richards' statement that their handiwork "will prevent the system from going bankrupt" versus President David Williams' assessment that the system remains "unsustainable."

There is a far more interesting point, however, that you aren't likely to see addressed elsewhere right away. At issue is what will really happen next.

Williams says that the funding goals for future years in the new law can be ignored, but that future legislators won't dare to because the people will create an uproar.

I spoke to Rep. Bob Damron and he had an interesting take as well, suggesting that government employees themselves will demand a more realistic defined contribution plan.

"I think if they did a survey the majority of people coming on today would say they want a defined contribution plan," he said. "Most people like the portability."

I like the quality of the conversation coming from these two, but I'm not quite so optimistic.