Sunday, June 29, 2008

Road to hell paved with Ohio's intentions

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear could take one of two lessons from a Wall Street Journal op-ed over the weekend about how things are going in Ohio. Big-government and higher taxes are running that state's economy into the ground, but those same policies are keeping the politicians who champion them popular with the voting blocs who feed at the trough and keep their guys and gals in office.
"Ohio already has the fifth-heaviest state and local tax burden in the country (up from 30th in 1990) and finds itself stagnating.
And that may actually be a plus for Barack Obama. His party is finding that lofty, vague promises of change combined with high-spending, high-tax, welfare state-ish policies are a political winner in the state. How else to explain why Gov. Ted Strickland's approval ratings are in the mid-50s or why Democrats may even win control of the state House for the first time in 14 years?" --

And if you are wondering if things could get worse for Kentucky, the answer is yes. The same report that shows Ohio with the 5th highest tax burden in the nation ranks Kentucky 20th.

And we may be moving their way on that front in a hurry, given the mood of the legislature to ignore oncoming fiscal disasters, run stealth tax increases through, and slather debt onto our already-tapped out state credit card.