Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bruce Lunsford knocks himself off message

Bruce Lunsford got a baptism by fire today when he forgot where he was, tried to cover it up, and then tried to blame it on Republicans.

First, he went to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond:

Then, he got his story straight:

And then, after the Republican Party of Kentucky had a field day with the slip-up, Lunsford campaign spokeswoman Allison Haley tried to blame the whole thing on Republicans when she told the Lexington Herald Leader "their time would be better spent trying to address the energy crisis."

That's just it, though. While the Lunsford campaign thinks botching a photo-op at a gas station is going to change something, Republicans in Congress have been prevented by "environmental" zealots from expanding energy exploration.

Another thing: as fun as Lunsford's misstatements are, some of the things he has said on purpose have been even better. Like this and this.