Saturday, June 14, 2008

Three chickens roosting, two geese a cooking...

The Fayette jail story is growing tentacles.

Jake at Page One jumps on it as only he can:
"The Fayette County Jail. Federal whistleblower. Ruh ro. Cover-ups, lies, firings, indictments, white washings. This is going to be the biggest story to rock Lexington in a decade. Mainstream media: wake up because it’s about to get crazy."

Just got a comment in on another thread saying:
"If you think third shift intake was bad. Second shift was over the top! Bowles, Herbals and the former Sgt "the mouth" Baker should start thinking. Reams got it going on too.
Admin has bailed on you and so will Risk Managment. Your ship is about to sail."

I have no idea who sent this anonymous comment, but all the names check out with multiple sources inside the facility. My best sources all started out as anonymous tips and I protect all my sources. If you know something that isn't getting out there, give me a call.