Thursday, June 12, 2008


The United States District Court in Covington this afternoon handed down indictments in the Fayette County Detention Center inmate abuse scandal. Indicted were: John McQueen, Clarence McCoy, Kristine Lafoe, Scott Tyree, and Anthony Estep.

Charges include conspiracy, falsification of records, and obstruction of justice.

Now is when the fun starts because the heat is on Mayor Jim Newberry, who gets to see his role shift from mayor to defendant in the civil case which just got a serious boost. And what about former Mayor Teresa Isaac and FCDC director Ron Bishop, who both said two years ago there was nothing to this and that whistleblower Cpl. John Vest was lying about the whole thing?

Stay tuned to Kentucky Progress as the prosecution phase begins and the investigation continues. The behind the scenes scrambling right now is hilarious and suggests Newberry and friends really convinced themselves this thing was going to dry up and blow away. Newberry didn't even know that any of these indictments were about to hit until someone in his office read it here this afternoon. His efforts to separate himself will only make him look more foolish than he already looks.

Don't just stand there, Jim, fire somebody!