Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sunday Politics: Religion Anyone?

If the situation were reversed and a liberal minister in a blue state was booting out members who supported President Bush, it wouldn't make a ripple in the national media. But one Baptist pastor in North Carolina boots out nine members who supported John Kerry, and you will surely see and hear all about it this next week.

I'm a little surprised that a small 100-member church would actually vote nearly 10% of the membership out because of their political beliefs, but it is certainly their right to do so.

One red flag pops up in the story when the reporter mentions that "many more members have reportedly left the church in protest" but he couldn't find any to interview. With all the over-the-top hate speech we hear from Kerry/Dean folks these days, I'm a little skeptical that there would be much of a protest from remaining members.

Of course the displaced liberals have hired an attorney. Could probably have saved themselves a few bucks by starting with a call to the ACLU.