Thursday, May 05, 2005

Democrat Politician Press Release Printing Machines

The Lexington Herald Leader and the Louisville Courier Journal continue their tradition of printing anything Democrats want with the stupid "ethics issue" brought up by Sen. Ernesto Scorsone and Sen. Joey Pendleton.

In a thinly-veiled attempt to smear Ernie Fletcher and Dave Disponett, the papers and the Democrats join hands on a proposal to change ethics policies for Executive Branch volunteers.

Both senators claimed they were not questioning the actions of Mr. Disponett.

Sure you aren't.

Their non-solution to the non-problem is, of course, to write a new law for 2006. If actually doing something worthwhile was part of the discussion here, then someone would ask the senators exactly what they hope to accomplish by making employee ethics standards apply to volunteers. Since this is just the common practice of politicking by rumor, innuendo, and hearsay, the mainstream media will just let the implied charges hang in the air as long as Democrats want to keep the story alive.

But I would be curious to know how this latest photo-op for Sen. Scorsone would actually protect the public. The journalists might have done some good to make him answer that question.