Monday, May 23, 2005

Howard Dean: Why JOBTROT Doesn't Mean Much

Kentucky's Governor's office may even be overrun with incompetents, but who cares? Democrats are still likely to put up AG Greg "Who's Your Daddy?" Stumbo or Treasurer Jonathan "I've got $150 million, make that $30 million, hey where's my money?" Miller versus Fletcher in 2007. That says it all. If the Kentucky Democratic Party doesn't expect to beat EF, let's get back to focusing on improving the Commonwealth. While the media have been reading meaningless emails, the Administration has been doing just that.

And thanks to Howard Dean for saying yesterday that Socialists like Senate candidate Bernie Sanders are just regular Democrats. You can look it up. Raising taxes, expanding government's reach, and obstructing progress at every turn are tactics that don't inspire anyone. If "Our Scandals Get Less Coverage Than Your Scandals" becomes a viable campaign selling point, then I will be worried.