Thursday, May 26, 2005

D.C. Democrats Are The New Soviets

Beltway Democrats are up to the same old tricks, surprising the heck out of useful idiots Lindsey Graham and John McCain et al., but no one else. Tonight Dems used procedural moves to prevent a straight vote on John Bolton's UN nomination.

They are putting up a smoke screen about wanting more information from the state Department. I would bet they haven't even read the 500 pages they already have. We need someone like Bolton to bonk heads in the UN. Unfortunately, we need to start in the Spineless Senate.

And yes, I'm talking about the Republicans. The Democrats are just doing what they do. They can be trusted to obstruct, name call, and waste time. The only way to break the partisan logjam is to strengthen the majority in Congress. We have serious fiscal and national defense issues to address and the opposition has no ideas whatsoever.

Can you really believe we are losing to this?