Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ben Chandler Fantasy Baseball Update

Rep. Ben Chandler has done it again.

In a press release dated March 10, 2005 Chandler boasts the acquisition of $3.9 million in landscape and streetscape money for Wilmore, Kentucky in Jessamine county. There are just a few teeny tiny problems with this press release.

For starters, Chandler claims to be working with Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Jim Bunning to "make sure these projects remain in the final legislation."

Right. There is no way that this "project" will be in the final legislation and Chandler has to know it. He just wants to be able to say that he tried to get money for central Kentucky but the Republicans wouldn't let him.

What happened was Chandler cooked this phony "project" up and put it into a highway spending bill. Doing this took about as much effort as the Congressman would use playing fantasy baseball on his office computer for a couple of hours. It will have about as much impact on the final highway bill.

Chandler claims to have "worked very closely with Harold Rainwater, the mayor of Wilmore" to obtain this funding. Again, he is playing fantasy baseball. Didn't happen. In fact, he even made up a quote and put Mayor Rainwater's name on it, in an effort to make Governor Ernie Fletcher look bad.

"We have wanted this for years," Rep. Chandler falsely quoted Mayor Rainwater as saying. As if former Rep. Fletcher turned a blind eye to the woeful lack of grass seed in his district during his time in Congress.

It is hard to say which is more ridiculous -- the idea that Wilmore's highest road priority is $3.9 million worth of landscaping at the entryway to Asbury Seminary or that Chandler thought he could get away with this silly scheme.

He should go back to obstructing Social Security reform.