Thursday, May 19, 2005

House Budget Chairman's Account Under Water

Less than three weeks after Sen. Dan Mongiardo (D-UK) came under fire for spending money he didn't have to run against Sen. Jim Bunning, Election Finance records reveal that Rep. Harry Moberly (D-Richmond) did the same thing.

Faced with a stiff challenge despite his ridiculously gerrymandered 81st House district, Moberly spent nearly $30,000 more than he had. This fact has now landed him under scrutiny after the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents got caught trying to finance Moberly's debt this spring in hopes of influencing his vote.

****UPDATE*****: David Baird, the man who wrote the "inapropriate" fundraising letter for Moberly (according to the Courier Journal) now denies writing the letter. So who wrote it? The trail seems to lead to the Eastern Kentucky Univerity campus. Stay tuned...