Friday, May 27, 2005

MarketWatch: Fletcher Up, Clinton Down

Kudos to Governor Ernie Fletcher for sticking it to the obstructionist hacks accusing him of merit system violations. I loved this:

“After 30 years of Republicans not being in here, we have been flooded with recommendations of folks feeling like in the past they had absolutely no opportunity, and now they did have an opportunity of being part of state government and moving this state forward,” Fletcher said.

And this:

Kentucky has had a Democratic patronage system for two decades, Fletcher said, and his Republican administration is being investigated for what he said were “no irregularities.” In reviewing the 495 names, “no merit system irregularities were discovered,” Fletcher said.

Meanwhile, Arianna Huffington jumps on Hillary Clinton:

Judy Woodruff asked a very specific question: “Record numbers of Americans continue to die in Iraq. No end to the violence in sight that most people can see. When should the United States begin significant troop withdrawals?”
Hillary reacted like a vampire being shown a cross or an ABC executive seeing the ratings for their Trump TV movie… then offered up the following head scratcher:
You know, I am not one who feels comfortable setting exit strategies. We don't know what we're exiting from. We don't know what the situation is moving toward…. How do we know where we're headed, when we don't know where we are?
Wow. Very existential. Very Zen koan. If a foreign policy disintegrates in the desert and no one hears it fail, what does this mean for our country and for our safety?

Moonbat Arianna can't be expected to question Judy Woodruff's "record numbers of Americans" goof. What record is that Judy?

And for those of you worried about the poll said to show Hillary on her way to the White House in 2008, don't go buy your "Hillary Lied and Vince Foster Died" t-shirts yet. The coverage of the poll seems unusually short on details. With the blogosphere jumping on recent bogus polls who publish their methodology, Gallup/USA Today/CNN isn't going to invite any unwanted scrutiny into their little news creation device.