Friday, May 20, 2005

Illegal Harry Moberly Fundraising Letter Contest

We have received a copy of a disturbing fundraising letter for House Budget Chairman Harry Moberly . The letter is on Kentucky Association of School Superintendents letterhead and includes the Commonwealth's "Unbridled Spirit" and the Kentucky Department of Education's "Education Pays" logos.

See how many "problematic" elements you can find in this letter:

April 29, 2005

Dear KASS Member:

We have a very strong lobbying firm working for us in Frankfort. John Cooper, the chief lobbyist, has come with a request that we need to honor.

Harry Moberly, chairman of the House A & R Committee, had a very expensive election and has a debt that will need to be liquidated. John Cooper believes our future efforts in Frankfort (especially on principal selection) will be much improved if we can take 176 checks to Harry from superintendents in the amount of $100 each.

I have called several superintendents in different parts of the state (and different party affiliations) and have asked their opinions about this request. Everyone I spoke to agreed that we need to do this.

Please make out a check for $100 to Harry Moberly and send it ASAP to:

872 Nacke Pike
Cecilia, KY 42724


David A. Baird

I'll give you the first one. David Baird didn't write the letter. He said KASS Executive Secretary Roland Haun did it.