Saturday, April 02, 2005

Reform Wars: AARP v. USA Next

AARP has been one of the most successful marketing organizations in the history of the world. It has also been very active in promoting liberal causes like gun control, tax increases, universal government healthcare, homosexual marriage, and keeping the death tax, and, interestingly, perpetuating the double taxation of Social Security benefits for senior citizens.
Now it's leaders want to keep younger Americans from having the opportunity to have fully-funded Social Security in the future without massive tax increases now. As Democrat members of Congress spread out through the country scaring people about Social Security reform, they often have an AARP representative in tow. AARP receives tens of millions of taxpayer funded federal grants each year. So you don't have to wonder who is paying for their politic activism: you are!
USA Next is trying to spread the word about why AARP is so active against reform and they have the battle scars to prove it. Molly Ivins and Maureen Dowd hate USA Next. Get the picture?
This will be a titanic struggle and a very interesting sideline fight in the reform wars. Conservative versus Liberal organizations in a blood feud. Charlie Jarvis of USA Next says AARP bears primary responsibility for Social Security's problems. AARP spokesman Steve Hahn counters "our members still view AARP as the most credible source when it comes to Social Security."