Wednesday, April 20, 2005

GOP Must Fight or Die

USA Today takes on the favorite topics of how Democrats can stop losing elections with two op/ed pieces. It is worthwhile reading for conservative people. One says to not change anything and the other says to lie more. Ross Baker writes, interestingly and correctly, that Democrats did well with the hand they were dealt in 2004 and should merely press on with the support they are energizing.

This is the one that Republicans should fear and respond to.

Republicans who choose to rest on their laurels given recent electoral success deserve to get smashed. We face significant issues that merit hair-on-fire activism by conservatives. Examples include tax reform, entitlement reform, and battling terrorism. The fantastic opportunity conservatives have to separate themselves from the loyal opposition exists, but must be actively embraced on a large scale for it to have any value.

Embrace this soon, or regret it soon enough.