Thursday, April 07, 2005


Well, it turns out that ABC News was partially right. The Terri Schiavo "GOP Talking Points Memo" turns out to have been written by the legal counsel to Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL). Brian Darling was the author of the very stupid memo and deserves to be thrown under the bus for his role in this fiasco.
In the aftermath of this story that became a story because a stupid Republican staffer lied, we can only hope that a lesson is learned. As one who jumped on this story and ripped Harry Reid, who I preferred to have as the villian in all this, I apologize. Similarly, all the Democrats who lined up to rally behind Bill Clinton when the media was "lying" about his relationship with an intern named Monica should be understanding, but won't be. That's just politics.
After years of watching top liberals stretch truth to oppose the President on taxes, the environment, labor issues, national defense, and entitlement reform, etc. we trusted the GOP Senators when they said they didn't write the poorly crafted memo. Those Republican Senators trusted their staffers. One staffer lied. That's the story. Again, apologies to liberal media outlet ABC News and apologies to obstructionist Sen. Harry Reid.
But don't get the big head, boys. We have a lot of serious work to do.