Saturday, April 30, 2005

Misquoted Two Days Ahead of Time?: Miller Blames Herald Leader For KAPT Misstatement

State Treasurer Jonathan Miller blamed the Lexington Herald Leader for a charge that he made against the state Senate in a March 1 press release that has been removed from his website and a March 2 guest blog on BluegrassRoots. Miller had stated that the Senate "raided" KAPT to build a practice gym for UK.

"I love UK basketball, but raiding a fund that holds the personal college savings of thousands of Kentucky families is inexcusable, unconstitutional, and immoral," Miller said.

Speaking on the Kentucky Focus program, he admitted he was wrong, but said it wasn't his fault.

"That was an incorrect statement ... we were basing that on a Herald Leader story that indicated that that was the case," Miller said.

That would be news to the good folks at Midland and Main, since they never mentioned the controversy until March 3.

CLARIFICATION: The last sentence of this post is incorrect. As an alert reader has pointed out, The Lexington Herald Leader did indeed mention the bonding project for the UK practice gym but didn't include the linkage to the KAPT program Miller asserted afterward (that is why my search didn't catch it). The mistake was my fault, though.

Interestingly, the article in question did clearly state that the $15 million was to be bonded and did not, as Miller stated repeatedly, involve General Fund cash from his program or any other.