Thursday, April 14, 2005

Driving Them Crazy

Lexington Herald Leader columnist Cheryl Truman has caught the "Who's the Next Mayor?" fever and it is making her get a little goofy. She cites an LBAR survey that names a few possible candidates. She speculates on one of them:

"Who is John Hampton?" she asks. "He's the young Republican who ran a well-financed campaign against longtime state Rep. Ruth Ann Palumbo last year -- and came within a hair of unseating her. He could become the Scott Crosbie of the next mayor's race: the young conservative with the big war chest."

Go fish, Cheryl. Supporters of the status quo in Lexington can only hope for a repeat of the 2002 race that was close but gave power to the current mayor.

Guessing who will be the conservative candidate for Lexington mayor next year will become a major distraction for all of Leftington, but they won't figure it out until it is time for them to know.

But watching them get worked up about it will be fun.