Monday, April 04, 2005

More Controversy With State Education Dollars

The Lexington Herald Leader on Saturday April 2 accused the General Assembly of "raiding" the Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation of $82 million in addition to the $13.7 million it claims was "raided" from KAPT. Given that we have already established that the KAPT scandal was, if anything, a raid on the General Fund by KAPT, we were suspicious of this new, much larger, figure. Executive Director Joe McCormick of the Kentucky Higher Education Authority stated that federal money directed toward the KHESLC in the amount of $16 million in the current biennium and $66 million in the next was shifted away from the KHESLC. Further questioning, however, got him started in on how KAPT has never used general fund dollars (which it certainly has) so the interview was ended. The surprising amount of difficulty in locating supporting evidence for this claim of "raiding" is most curious. We will keep you posted as this mystery unfolds.