Friday, April 15, 2005

Debunked on SSI, Chandler Attacks Veterans

The question people should be asking in central Kentucky is "Would Happy Chandler approve of grandson Ben Chandler's undistinguished tenure in Washington D.C.?"

Chandler's latest propaganda campaign picks up the party line that Republicans are trying to shortchange veterans. Here at Kentucky Progress we are doing a complete analysis of Chandler's claims (basically the Democratic party line, it seems) and will report next week.

Given Rep. Chandler's fast-and-loose treatment of the facts on Social Security reform and his horrendous record on fiscal issues, constituents have cause for skepticism. A hint -- one thing we are looking at is Bush's record on veterans' benefits and that of Congress since 1994 versus that of the pre-1994 glory days for Democrats.

From the words-have-meaning department: Bush "cuts" don't seem to square with the $20 billion increase in spending on veterans proposed in this year's budget and the 41% increase in spending on veterans medical benefits during the President's first term.

Silly liberal, that's why veterans vote Republican.

Stay tuned for updates.