Monday, April 25, 2005

2020 Democrats: Bush To Draft You Now, Starve You Later

A group of young liberals from Boston called 2020 Democrats connects their misunderstanding of Social Security to their continued confusion over the war on terror. The funny part is they lay it out in a talking points memo.

The group says President Bush "played those games with our generation once and wound up with a war and a potential draft" and "his (Social Security) plan would cost nearly $5 trillion over the first twenty years."

The "potential draft" quote relates to a long-since discredited late attempt by candidate John Kerry to scare young voters against supporting the President in the 2004 election. The $5 trillion "cost" represents the Social Security Trust Fund dollars that have been spent as off-budget money and will have to be replaced eventually whether Social Security investment accounts are set up or not. The cost is real, but the reason for the cost has nothing to do with personal accounts. These young "future leaders" in the liberal movement might need to have someone check their homework.