Friday, April 01, 2005

KEPT Men: Day Two

Kentucky's Extravagant Politicians Tax got a much-anticipated boost from the Lexington Herald Leader this morning. KEPT men Jonathan Miller and Greg Stumbo need the help. They are using taxpayer dollars to sue the General Assembly for trying to save, um, taxpayer dollars by shutting down the money-losing KAPT entitlement program.
The Herald Leader abuses logic to suggest that if Republicans want to have personal accounts associated with Social Security that they must support the "investment" of taxpayer dollars to prop up this particular state program whose returns have consistently under-performed college tuition inflation. Armed only with such weak arguments, Miller and Stumbo deserve to have their case thrown out of court quickly. And with Miller's one "accomplishment" in public office exposed for what it is, he deserves to be voted off the island in his next election.