Monday, October 31, 2005

Sen. Joey Pendleton Is From Mars -- And Venus

Some Democrats are still upset about Rep. James Carr switching to the Republican Party earlier this month. Senator Joey Pendleton is so hysterical his statements might lead voters to believe that he will be the next elected Dem to come on over to the right.

Pendleton (D-Hopkinsville) shrieks about "Democrats in the state House and Senate who are overwhelmingly anti-abortion and strongly supported the constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage."

Bluegrass liberals must be despondent now that one of their own "leaders" is re-writing history (and his party's platform) to paper over not only Democrats' fascination with abortion-on-demand, but also the shining moments in last year's Kentucky General Assembly session when Democrats sought repeatedly in broad daylight to kill SB 245, succeeding once. Ultimately, the majority house Democrats turned to tapioca in the face of thousands of citizens marching on the Capitol in support of the bill. It was only then, as a last resort, that they started this "strongly support" business.

Someone should send press clippings of last spring's doings to Pendleton as well as a copy of the Democrat Platform. If he is as "conservative" as most elected Democrats now claim to be, he will switch his registration. Failing that, he will look at the hero's welcome given to Jumpin' Jim Jeffords when he jumped right to left in the U.S. Senate. Liberals then praised the "act of conscience" and didn't bother with any of this hand-wringing, bed-wetting sophistry we hear from them now.