Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Republican Opportunity For 2006

Primaries aren't a lot of fun, but they can help a truly dominant political party reload for future victories. Before its rapid decline, the Kentucky Democratic Party understood this. The old line about fighting like cats in May and having more cats by November has been told over and over as the reason for a nearly unbroken string of Democrat electoral wins.

KDP Chairman Jerry Lundergan doesn't want to play it that way any more. Lundergan told the Courier Journal that he is encouraging potential 2006 Democrat candidates not to engage in primaries. That sounds good to me.

I'm not saying that the GOP should actively seek primaries. We will be better off when widespread Republican primaries are more the rule than the exception, but it will have to develop on its own. I am just enjoying the fact that Democrats are having to come to grips with their erosion of support that is causing them to admit to fixing primaries. Your county clerk may still tell new voters that they have to register Democrat to vote in the primaries, but the reality is that those days are over.

The simple fact remains that the far-left segment of our society is propped up by the more sane Democrats. We can rage against Ernesto Scorsone and Mary Lou Marzian all we want to, but their districts keep sending them back. The Republican party will only reach majority status in Kentucky by pointing out that "conservative" Democrats are the real problem. Continuing to take those of sensible middle-American values out of the Democratic Party causes the anti-war, anti-capitalist goons lose their voice and their influence.

The target for 2006 in Kentucky must be disaffected conservative Democrat-registered voters. The message is that the middle-of-the-road Democrat office holders are lending credibility to those with the worst ideas. Giving so-called "conservative" Democrats a pass because they "aren't so bad" misses the point and stands as the major roadblock to real progress in our state. Problematic Republicans will become much easier to deal with in a single-front effort.

KDP is holding the door open for us. We just have to bust on through.