Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Conservative Revolution in Kentucky Coming To Web

Idea #1: Rather than spending time giving away refurbished state computers to kids, Frankfort's leaders would do well to eliminate state income taxes.

The No Child Left Offline initiative doesn't even sound like a good idea. There is no magic involved in giving a child a computer. Give him a fish and he eats for a day. Give him a computer and guarantee easy access to porn (and a learning tool of very limited value). Give him a stack of worn-out paperback classic novels and if he doesn't read them, they will do him more good than an expensive word processor/game box. The smallest public libraries offer online access for free.

We clearly need some fresh ideas. Bringing health insurance companies back into the state could be done and the ideological battle to make it happen would be extremely healthy in the current environment. Balancing the Medicaid budget could work the same way. Instead we are screwing around helping Lexmark market printer cartridges and ISPs expand their reach with a stunt like this.