Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Democrats Meet To Develop Slogan

This story made the front page of The Hill newspaper.

Hilarious. They are working on something like "Together, We Can Do Better." Given their recent record of failure, I know they hope so. More importantly, one might hope this indicates a willingness to rethink their obstinate resistance to reform of America's military, tax system, and social policies. We doubt it, though.

Kentucky's Democrats are always talking about how they are different than national Dems. So what should their slogan look like?

How about a few suggestions:

"We're different, but we still need union thugs."

"Kentucky Democrats: All The Rhetoric, Fewer Calories"

"You're All Right With Republican Lite"

"We're Not Liberals, But We Do Like Socialized Medicine, Higher Taxes, And Surrendering Like The French"