Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Protect Your Children; Legalize Drugs Now

The War on Drugs has only caused the price of drugs to go higher and the violent crime rate to go up higher still. Think of the huge number of robberies and burglaries committed by drug addicts. They need your money to buy their drugs and they need your money again when they face treatment or incarceration.

Do you agree that drugs would be cheaper if people didn't have to risk their lives to buy or sell them?

Does it make sense to you that if law enforcement resources were removed from trying to stop the drug trade, then we could deal more effectively with the bad effects of the drug trade?

When we put the cart before the horse, we get no gain from either the cart or the horse. Drug criminalization is no different than alcohol prohibition. Ending the 1920's prohibition didn't cause the end of the world. In fact, by lowering the risk premium attached to making and selling alcohol, we reduced significantly the collateral damage caused by those evading that law. Ending the real quagmire, the War on Drugs, will give us a different looking world. Watching someone walk quietly down the street smoking a joint will take some getting used to. But the result would undeniably be safer cities and neighborhoods in which to raise our children. Don't you agree?