Friday, October 21, 2005

It Must Be Good: Democrats Oppose Right To Work

Big Labor Unions are scared to death of losing their power -- and they are losing it fast.

In January, Kentucky will have the opportunity to pass a Right to Work bill, which simply gives workers the freedom to not have to join a union and pay "protection money" in the form of dues as a condition of employment. The bill is BR 199, pre-filed by Rep. Stan Lee (R-Lexington).

House Democrats vow to kill the bill. That might be a big mistake.

An organization called the Commonwealth Progress Council is ramping up its non-partisan effort in support of this bill. They will have a website up in the next couple of weeks and are seeking grassroots support now for the fight ahead. Economic development efforts across Kentucky can only go so far when we continue to be held hostage by the big labor unions.

The Right To Work could well be the biggest issue for Kentucky's future facing the General Assmembly in 2006.