Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Fight Worth Fighting

You thought 2005 was not going to be an election year in Kentucky. You may still be right, but if the KY Supreme Court caves in to some kooky Lexington xenophobics' desire to steal Kentucky American Water Company, Fayette county voters will head to the polls November 8.

It probably won't happen. The elected city council already decided early this year to end the condemnation effort of a handful of sclerotic leftists and their dutiful supporters. The Supreme Court should be able to quash their kibitzing based solely on this fact.

But the overreaching power grab of a dangerous opponent must be addressed quickly and decisively. This latest outrage by the people who call themselves Let Us Vote Lexington deserves swift retribution whether or not this issue comes to a vote four weeks from today.

Cuddly little muddle-headed Kentucky liberals have tried feebly for years to prop up their brand of public policy initiatives through judicial fiat. Their current day media-savvy comrades draw blood with bare knuckles, snappy slogans, and tight-fisted media control.

Their brand of persuasion works when most people aren't paying attention and get off the main issue.

The main issue here is that eminent domain abusers on the left have sought to overturn the 2004 Lexington city council races with an unconstitutional court battle to spend more public dollars for an unneccesary extra election to promote their political careers. Teresa Isaac and Ben Chandler are the two heads of this monster.

If you live in Lexington, go here and learn how you can help turn these people back. And if you don't live in Lexington but do live in Kentucky's Sixth district, call Ben Chandler and tell him to tell the FLOW people to quit crying and try to promote their government takings during election years. He won't do it, but he should be forced to talk about why he is on the unconstitutional side of this issue.