Monday, October 24, 2005

Ben Chandler Plays Dumb

In the 2004 races, when Democrats faced a pro-Fair Tax opponent the strategy was simple: lie.

If Rep. Ben Chandler (D-Higher Taxes) is connected to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (and we know he is) then the new strategy is simple as well: play dumb.

This morning on the WVLK Jack Pattie Show, Chandler was asked specifically about his position on HR 25, the Fair Tax Bill. He said he had no position because he didn't know anything about it. That would be interesting news to the Fair Tax supporters who have spoken to him face-to-face, repeatedly, to urge support for this critical issue.

People concerned about the outsourcing of jobs would do well to consider the impact of the Fair Tax on American companies who now shift their workforce overseas.