Monday, January 21, 2008

Steve Beshear Is No Scab

It is as if the legislators in Frankfort are on strike and Steve Beshear is no scab.

The Lexington Herald Leader reports:
Beshear says his aides are still trying to nail down details of the casino plan and the retirement system reform and that his time is consumed by crafting a budget proposal.

The delay in the unveiling of those policies is practical -- not a political stalling tactic to make it past the candidate filing deadline, Beshear insists.

"It's not geared to the filing deadline, it's simply geared to the fact that right now we're in the middle of putting this budget together," he said. "That's our top priority, obviously, because I've got to do that by the 29th and we're working on these other things at the same time. It's just a product of the time that we've got."

That's bunk. Everyone on Team Beshear has had a pretty good idea details of the casino plan and problems with the retirement plan and crafting a budget proposal were going to be issues for them to work on since last May.

The Governor Steve Beshear-as-slacker routine has everything to do with the January 29 filing deadline.