Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ron Bishop Thinks He Isn't Going To Jail

FCDC Director Ron Bishop and his storm troopers in the Lexington jail think they have found their fall guys and are immune from criminal prosecution.

Well, they should think again. Ask your attorney down there on Main Street to explain this to you, fellas.

From Lexington-Fayette County Ordinance Number 255-94,1,12-13-94:
Sec. 25-29. Reprisals against persons disclosing violations prohibited.
(1) No officer or employee shall subject to reprisal, or directly or indirectly use, or threaten to use, any official authority or influence, in any manner whatsoever, which tends to discourage, restrain, depress, dissuade, deter, prevent, interfere with, coerce, or discriminate against any officer or employee who in good faith reports, discloses, divulges, or otherwise brings to the attention of the ethics commission, any law enforcement agency or its employees, or any other appropriate body or authority, anyfacts or information relative to an actual or suspected violation of any law, statute, executive order, administrative regulation, mandate, rule, or ordinance of the United States, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, or the urban county government, or any facts or information relative to actual or suspected mismanagement, waste, fraud, abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety. No officer or employee shall be required to give notice prior to making such a report, disclosure, or divulgence.
(2) No officer or employee shall subject to reprisal or discriminate against, or use any official authority or influence to cause reprisal or discrimination by others against, any person who supports, aids, or substantiates any officer or employee who makes public any wrongdoing set forth in subsection (1) of this section.

Penalties for violation include a fine and up to one year in jail.