Monday, January 28, 2008

Beshear Can't Even Lead On Dental Exams

A Lexington Herald-Leader story about a bill to require parents to get dental exams for their children exposes yet again Governor Steve Beshear's unwillingness to provide any of the "leadership" he promised before he was elected.
Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear is still reviewing the legislation and declined to comment, through a spokesperson.

The bill is less than one sentence long. It requires -- in addition to the pre-existing mandate for immunizations -- the following:
... a dental health certificate from a dentist licensed in any state indicating the health of the child's teeth, jaws, and mouth.

Beshear is really taking his do-nothingism too far. At this rate, I can't wait to see him tackle anything like the public employee benefits disaster. Slots at the tracks, right Steve?

By the way, the story indicates a reporter tried in vain to reach Senate President David Williams for his opinion. That was unneccesary. The same bill died in a Senate committee just last year.